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Our projects

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MANG (Burkina Faso)


Project "Rodolfo Rinaldi"

June 2023

The project, dedicated to Rodolfo Rinaldi, was carried out with the collaboration of the Embassy of Burkina Faso in Italy and the Catholic Order of the Camillians.
It is a water management system with solar-powered electric pump that will help the villages in the area, with a strong agricultural vocation, to cultivate their land even during the long dry season, going to contribute significantly to the permanent resolution of the food emergency typical of the area. Furthermore, the Project, powered by renewable energy and built only through Burkinabè companies to help the local economy with a view to real development cooperation, will make it possible to have drinking water for the entire village and neighboring rural settlements. Finally, thanks to the collaboration of the religious order of the Camillians, some lands will be entrusted exclusively to the women of the village in order to guarantee them work, autonomy, dignity and equal opportunities. These aspects plastically represent the type of projects that Manalive carries out, projects not designed only for the short term but humanitarian development cooperation missions with a long-term time horizon that aim at the integral development of the community.
The project was born in the wake of what was theorized and implemented by Thomas Sankara who, first of all, by establishing the Ministry of Water, understood the importance and central role that water should have within the country's economic and social policies and, from this point of view, the fundamental role of development cooperation in the future of Burkina Faso and its people. Precisely following the talks between the Ambassador of Burkina Faso in Italy and the President of Manalive Gianmarco Oddo, the intention was to create a work in line with this experience with a view to development and confidence in the country's future.



Project "Roma Porto Sicuro"

March 2022

The project was born today, a 360-degree assistance center for Ukrainian refugees in Italy. Through the numerous volunteer professionals, the assistance center will deal with: legal support for obtaining temporary refugee protection status, medical assistance including vaccinations and covid tampons, management of refugees with disabilities thanks to the help of the specialized Union association in the sector, food distribution and psychological assistance.

Furthermore, thanks to the experience of the first humanitarian mission in Medyka (Ukrainian-Polish border), Manalive is available to organize the transfer of Ukrainian refugees to Italy for reunification with people already residing in Italy. Among the activities of the "Roma Porto Sicuro" assistance center in Manalive there is also the search for temporary housing solutions for Ukrainian refugees already present in Italy thanks to its network of benefactors.
The operating offices are in via Belgio, 32 (North Rome) and in Via Tuscolana, 165 (South Rome).

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Project Church "St. Camillus de Lellis"

February 2022

Manalive is committed to building a church for the Christian community of Kondar Pombor in Liberia. We firmly believe that caring for the soul is a fundamental aspect of human life and that it is equally important to caring for the body. For this reason we have decided to respond to the appeal of this village where the large Christian community present does not have a place to gather in prayer.
We feel the duty to defend and guarantee the right of these people to profess their religion.

"Man will not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" Matthew 4.4

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Project Water Well "Padre Felice Rossetti"

February 2022

We have responded to a request for help from a village in the heart of Togo. The families of this village went to the village of Djakpo, where we had already built another well, to get drinking water. They now have water close for the first time and don't need to walk for hours every day.


"It is not the water that is lacking but our will to make it flow to everyone"



Project Biblioteka "Skënderbeu"

August 2021

Construction of a multimedia library for the children of the Arrameras family home (Albania)

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Project Library "Monte Melkonian"

February 2021

Manalive has agreed to build and supply a library in Gyumri that will be dedicated to foreign languages teaching to Armenian orphans. The project cycle will last the entire 2020 and involve several volunteers and supporters. Our activities include concept design, planning and material execution of the works. The library would help the children and students to easily access learning materials through both physical and telematics tools.



Project "Help families during Covid period"

every saturday morning

Due to the dramatic health emergency, many families have found themselves in financial difficulty. MANALIVE, with the support of the San Roberto Bellarmino Parish in Rome, has decided to put alongside the “Don Giuseppe Berardelli” project, a support activity for all those families who are in a situation of extreme difficulty. MANALIVE currently manages to help around 20 families every week by delivering all necessary foods and goods. 
We count on the support of an increasing number of benefactors to be able to expand our activity and help as many families as possible.



Project Water Well "Thomas Sankara"

October-November 2020

We completed our fundraising goal for the construction of a library addressed to the Gyumri orphans in Armenia. While we wait to return in Armenia, we decided to begin a project for the construction of a well in Togo, in Djakpo II, a village 5 kilometers away from Akampapè, which today does not have access to drinkable water. At the end of October, some of our volunteers will be leaving for Togo and take part in the construction work for this well. However, in order to carry out this project, we need further financial support. A small donation may help provide an entire village the benefit of clean and drinkable water.



Project "Collection for Peace"

October-November 2020

Due to the tragic situation at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the civilian population of Armenia is suffering from numerous attacks that have hit cities and left many families without a home. As the conflict continues and winter is arriving soon, we decided to begin collecting warm clothing and blankets to send them over to these innocent displaced civilians. This genuine action will help them stay warm through winter, as it may get extremely harsh in the region. For this reason, we are asking you all to donate some clothing and blankets for these families in extreme difficulty.  



Project "Christmas Collection"

December 2020, December 2021

In view of the Holy Christmas, Manalive is launching a collection of new or in good condition toys to give to children who are guests of orphanages and family homes. With this project we hope to give a smile and a moment of normality to even the most unfortunate children.

"Here we fight and we burn with anger, we have opportunities, honors and great surprises, but our home is there under that sky of miracles in which the Christmas story began."

G.K. Chesterton



Project "Don Giuseppe Berardelli"

Started during Covid-19 period

As always, even in the course of a massive health emergency, men and women of the church community have dedicated themselves to help those in need, never failing to support and rescue, risking their own lives. This is the case of Don Giuseppe Berardelli, martyr of Charity, who gave up his respirator and gave it to a young man, saving his life. Manalive decided to organize a Food collection in his memory for the many congregations and orders that suffer the most the crisis due to Covid.

The Church has not abandoned the people and the people won’t abandon the Church.



Christmas with the Kids

Christmas 2019

For the first time since our organization came together, our volunteers decided to start off our projects by spending Christmas in the orphanage “Our Lady of Armenia” that is located in Gyumri, a small town in the northern of Armenia. It was an incredibile experience to spend the most important time of the year for the kids by their side. During the day our volunteers took part in playful activities with that included workshops. Our volunteers got to see a new reality they have never experienced before, and saw how a different culture with a different background lives their daily life.

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