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Our Mission

MANALIVE operates mainly in Armenia, Albania, Liberia, Togo Ukraine and in Italy. Supporting, in particular, the orphanage "Our Lady of Armenia" in Gyumri, among the most significant symbols of the state of poverty and abandonment of the region and of the whole Armenian population.

The primary objective of the Association is to help the Armenian and Togolese population out of the state of extreme poverty where it finds itself. At the same time we strive to make the children who are part of the association discover a different reality, a reality where religion, spirituality and the family are fundamental elements of human life.

Therefore, the mission does not end with the help of the needy neighbors, in fact it persists in the life of the volunteers, with the certainty that the experiences lived and the difficult realities known will become pivotal points in life, a life where spirituality and family represent strong fundamental pillars.

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