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Ongoing Projects



Project Water Well "Thomas Sankara"

October-November 2020 [more]

We completed our fundraising goal for the construction of a library addressed to the Gyumri orphans in Armenia. While we wait to return in Armenia, we decided to begin a project for the construction of a well in Togo, in Djakpo II, a village 5 kilometers away from Akampapè, which today does not have access to drinkable water.
At the end of October, some of our volunteers will be leaving for Togo and take part in the construction work for this well. However, in order to carry out this project, we need further financial support. A small donation may help provide an entire village the benefit of clean and drinkable water.






Projects Library "Monte Melkonian"

Year 2020

Manalive has agreed to build and supply a library in Gyumri that will be dedicated to foreign languages teaching to Armenian orphans. The project cycle will last the entire 2020 and involve several volunteers and supporters. Our activities include concept design, planning and material execution of the works. The library would help the children and students to easily access learning materials through both physical and telematics tools.






Project "Christmas Collection"

November-December 2020

In view of the Holy Christmas, Manalive is launching a collection of new or in good condition toys to give to children who are guests of orphanages and family homes. With this project we hope to give a smile and a moment of normality to even the most unfortunate children.

"Here we fight and we burn with anger, we have opportunities, honors and great surprises, but our home is there under that sky of miracles in which the Christmas story began."
G.K. Chesterton





Project "Help families during Covid period" | every saturday morning [more]

Due to the dramatic health emergency, many families have found themselves in financial difficulty. MANALIVE, with the support of the San Roberto Bellarmino Parish in Rome, has decided to put alongside the “Don Giuseppe Berardelli” project, a support activity for all those families who are in a situation of extreme difficulty. MANALIVE currently manages to help around 20 families every week by delivering all necessary foods and goods. 
We count on the support of an increasing number of benefactors to be able to expand our activity and help as many families as possible.




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