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Past projects



Project "Collection for Peace"

October-November 2020 [more]

Due to the tragic situation at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the civilian population of Armenia is suffering from numerous attacks that have hit cities and left many families without a home. As the conflict continues and winter is arriving soon, we decided to begin collecting warm clothing and blankets to send them over to these innocent displaced civilians. This genuine action will help them stay warm through winter, as it may get extremely harsh in the region. For this reason, we are asking you all to donate some clothing and blankets for these families in extreme difficulty.  





Christmas with the Kids [more]

For the first time since our organization came together, our volunteers decided to start off our projects by spending Christmas in the orphanage “Our Lady of Armenia” that is located in Gyumri, a small town in the northern of Armenia. It was an incredibile experience to spend the most important time of the year for the kids by their side. During the day our volunteers took part in playful activities with that included workshops. Our volunteers got to see a new reality they have never experienced before, and saw how a different culture with a different background lives their daily life.






Project "Don Giuseppe Berardelli"

Started during Covid-19 period [more]

As always, even in the course of a massive health emergency, men and women of the church community have dedicated themselves to help those in need, never failing to support and rescue, risking their own lives. This is the case of Don Giuseppe Berardelli, martyr of Charity, who gave up his respirator and gave it to a young man, saving his life. Manalive decided to organize a Food collection in his memory for the many congregations and orders that suffer the most the crisis due to Covid.

The Church has not abandoned the people and the people won’t abandon the Church.




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